Lori Hollingworth has been a go-to skin care therapist for Hollywood’s elite for over 30 years. And her client’s loyalty all begins with one word: Discretion.

“It’s a name-dropping business, I get that,” Lori observes. “But for me, the whole idea of beautifying is to make someone appear naturally younger and more vibrant. My clients certainly don’t want to broadcast the effort it requires! So I don’t…ever.“I actually believe I was born to be an Esthetician. I remember giving facials to my Hungarian grandmother when I was six years old. She would hand me a jar of Abalone Cream and show me how to gently work it into her face until her skin glowed.“And I still feel that same sense of satisfaction when I work with a client today – though the techniques have gotten a bit more sophisticated!”

Lori has been a Licensed Esthetician for over three decades, and works with a wide range of the Beautiful People, and those who simply want to look that way.

The former Senior Vice President of Training and Technical Support for Lucrecia, Paris, Lori used her years of experience and access to industry secrets when selecting the French luxury brand Biologique Recherche as her primary in-house product line.Lori is a leading expert in the exclusive Caci Non-Surgical Facelift procedure, a painless facial sculpting technique best described as “the non-surgical face lift.”

She also offers Intraceuticals’ Oxygen Treatments, a healing therapy that instantly reduces fine lines and blemishes.

When you visit Lori at her exclusive Brentwood Village, Los Angeles studio, you’ll find a carefully selected range of products and services from around the world, including the cult favorite, Biologique Recherche.“Every client I work with has unique wants and needs,” Lori adds. “My job is to help them find the beauty within – and make it shine.”

To get more information or schedule an appointment with Lori, please call her directly at 310-990-8598.